Know Your Ultimate Destination for Optimum Physical and Mental Satisfaction

If you are not interested in meeting, sitting, gossiping, kissing and spending quality time spending with amazingly charming and deliciously attractive young women, this piece of writing is not for you. This simple yet highly stimulating piece of writing would be a perfect panacea for those who are looking a very companion in order to spend quality time in their desired ways. High profile gentleman, handsome guys, rejected lovers, unsatisfied husbands, working professionals and modern men of supreme sensuality and promising promiscuity can seek the key to prefer with enjoyment. Yes, right you are. I am talking about Mumbai escorts dedicated to offering a wide variety of services to ensure mental and physical satisfactions to their men.

Mumbai Escorts Offer Mental Satisfaction

Loneliness is a disdaining feeling of a person that can lead him or her in a mental of frustration and depression. As a consequence of it, a person becomes irrational and loses human qualities like creativity, sympathy and fellow feeling. Independent escorts in Mumbai can help those persons shun their boredom and set back to the main human stream. To be more precise, they start leading their life like a river, recovering them from a lagoon like existence.  They can act as an antidote for recovery of rejected lovers and unsatisfied husbands. They can ensure you the best girlfriend experience and alleviate the pain of rejection . You recover from your mental state of depression and become a good person love, sympathy and fellow fillings. You unstained and depressed mind becomes fully colorful with a graceful touch of the Mumbai escorts.

Escorts in Mumbai take personalized care of their men. With their golden hearts, they try to understand the problems and inconveniences of their men and try to behave accordingly so that their mean can seek and get solace from them.

Mumbai Escorts Provide Their Men with Optimum Physical Satisfaction

For the unsatisfied husbands, they offer both sensuality and sexuality and help them carry on their conjugal life without the risk of suicide, homicide, etc. This is surely a very good approach and achievement for the married men. As they can fulfill and gratify their sexual and sensual hunger, they become well-balanced and healthy men.

For those who come here for spending a vacation or taking a business trip, Mumbai escorts can help them forget their separation from the wives and girlfriends. Besides, the clients who come to have satisfactory erotic pleasure, Mumbai escorts fulfill their all dark fantasies and libidinal desires. Utilizing their professional skills of foreplay, erotic pampering and creative lovemaking, they take their men to the climax gradually but strongly and effectively where they feel something unusual and commonly uncommon with the others. They experience a perfect blending of sensuality and sexuality which makes the game more interesting and emotional.  Various techniques and arts of sensual games give the game a different dimension. This is USP of Mumbai escorts helping them stand out from the crowd.  Now it has been a name for pleasure seekers.


Top 5 Ways to Enjoy with Independent Escorts in Mumbai

mumbai escorts girlsThere are different types of escort girls available in Mumbai to serve different purposes. You may hear the names like model escorts, high-class escorts, elite escorts, etc. A vast majority of them work independently. Besides, there are many women who work with various Mumbai escort agencies.

Those who work independently are called independent Mumbai escorts. Many housewives, sexy MILFs,college girls, working women, television actresses, and air hostesses work as the independent escorts in Mumbai. Choosing independent Mumbai escorts is always a wise decision as there is no compulsion or obligation behind choosing this profession. This is every inch a true for the college girls, working women, television actresses, model women, and air hostesses. Many of them choose Mumbai escort service as their part time job for leisure spending and gratifying sexual hunger. As sensual gratification comes in the midway, their spontaneous involvement, reaction and reciprocation in the sensual game makes everything more colorful and enjoying.  They are free to offer services as the way you want. On the other hand, the women who offer services through various Mumbai escort agencies face some issues. Having many restrictions according to the agreement with the agency, they cannot do more than they are permitted to do. Moreover, as it is their bread and butter and they fully depend on the agencies for getting contacts, they remain under pressure and cannot act freely. This is why they cannot become free before you. This can make game dull and uninteresting.

How to enjoy with independent Escorts in Mumbai

Take an independent escortgirl for a long trip

Spending a few days with a beautiful independent girl gives you a different sentiment and mirth. All moments remains recorded in your heart when sit, eat, and gossip with her. You get her more close and lonely where you can kiss her and embrace her in most tranquil yet wild ways. The whole journey path becomes a memorable one.

Go for a nightout

Go for a night outand spend a few hours with her in a nightclub. Drink and dance with her.Everything will appear dreamy and exciting before you.

Go for a dinner

Taking a dinner with her with your and her favorite dishes can impress her so nicely that she becomes more open and enjoying before you. Every dish becomes more enjoying and delicious that open the way of a spicy night spending with her.

Attend a party or meeting

Taking one educated girl with you as your companion in a party meeting or business meeting proves your aristocracy and richness. You get a special attention there. She can keep your prestige up with her high-class manners and activities.

Spend night with an independent escort in Mumbai

Independent escorts are open-minded. They are free to face any sensual encounter. Getting one on your bed after a rich dinner makes your night more rocking, colorful and spicy. You will surely get lost in her and reach the world of optimum Eros entertainment.

Special Services Offered by Mumbai Escorts

escorts girls mumbaiNow Mumbai escort girls have not restricted their services only in offering erotic pleasure and spending time with their men. They have extended their services, keeping pace with the demand of the day.  Besides, there are the impacts of globalization, privatization and liberalization that have brought about sea changes in Mumbai escort services. As the consequences of some additions, revisions, modifications, and rectifications, Mumbai escort service has achieved the international. Mumbai escort girls are doing extremely well to raise the bar of excellence in Indian escorts industry with their quality service, personal care and a perfect blend of pure sex with sensuality.

This is why escorts in Mumbai are absolutely ideal for an individual who is seeking an erotic female escort companionship to have some real fun and perfer with  enjoyment. They know well how to impress their men in a perfect way. Their amazing outcall and incall services are well enough to shun your boredom, add some extra pleasure and ensure both physical and mental satisfaction.

Given below are the special services offered by Mumbai escorts

Pure sex

Mumbai escorts specialize in offering erotic services. Under this, they offer a wide range of services like kiss, DFK (deep French kiss, Erotic Massage, A level, Bareback Blowjob, straight sex, Oral sex giving and taking, Anal sex, sex from behind (doggie), Striptease, etc. They will make you excited with foreplay, creative lovemaking and erotic pampering to excite and create a feeling of having pure sex with them. Then you get lost into an erotic and stay there for a longer period till you reach your climax and ejaculate with some hard strife.


As the name suggests, you can easily understand that Mumbai escorts offer some emotional services, mixing it with some adult pleasure like kissing, embracing, licking and allowing you lying on their tolerant enchanted slopes. All around you will be colorful. You can lay your dreamy head on their ripening breast to feel the pulses and ups and downs of the boobs.


Escorts girls in Mumbai can be your true companions when you are going to explore the places of attractions in Mumbai and taking part in many pleasurable activities which the city has to offer you. They will be your true companion, friend, philosopher, and guide especially when you are going out for a long drive, attending a get tighter session and going for a night out.

Personal Assistant

Being intelligent, well educated, well mannered, smart and stylish, they can play the role of a personal assistant, especially when you are going to attend an important corporate meeting or product/service launching session.


Independent Mumbai escorts are very sympathetic, dedicated and committed to giving you a shooting effect. They will balm the wound of a painful heart. If you are a rejected lover, you are sure to have comfort and solace from them.

Bed partner

If you are an unsatisfied husband leading a painful life, they will offer you an excellent bed partner experience and help you carry on a good relationship with your partner.

Why Mumbai Escorts Stand Out from the Crowd

When the matter of offering complete love and sensual pleasure comes, Mumbai escorts easily surpass the others. The credit of blending Eros and Phileo goes to them. Let me tell you a brief about the Eors and Phileo to make the matter more understandable for you. Eros is a feeling of love within the body. It produces trembling excitement, elation and joy within a person. It rouses beautiful procreative urges for carnal love. It is good and right for a person as his or her one of the basic needs. However, it is not well enough to sustain a long term relationship between a man and woman. On the other hand, Phileo refers to love and affection. It is rich in emotion, passion and feeling. This is why Mumbai escorts become successful in creating a long term relationship with their men after offering their Mumbai escort services. As the consequence of it, their one time clients gradually turn into the repeat visitors. This is surely the value added benefits of Mumbai escort services.

Mumbai escorts can satisfy different types of men

Having sound knowledge in Kama sutra services and how to combine pure sex with sensuality, independent escorts in Mumbai are able to satisfy different types of people like businessmen, industrialists, rejected lovers, dissatisfied husbands, mere travelers, and modern men of supreme sexuality and promising promiscuity. They know how to infuse unconditional love within an erotic relationship. Their sex therapy has helped many unsatisfied husbands retain the relationships with their wives. Apart from the pure sex, their bodily love with their men in different Kama sutra positions enable them to take their men in a world of pleasure where they forgot all about the pains, sufferings, fevers, and frets of their personal life. A bodily game, foreplay, creative lovemaking and erotic pampering work as the most effective weapons for the emotional love and sex throughout a night and make it spicy, colorful and memorable.

Some skillful high class Mumbai escorts has the power of transforming time actual (the time of physical copulation) into time psychological (creating a silent stasis in mind about the optimum pleasure and the service provider) to produce élan vital or vital impulse (to create an intention of doing something later after the complete pleasure and satisfaction).

Specialties in Mumbai Escort Service

• Why Mumbai Escorts Stand Out from the CrowdEmotional love and sex for a longer period of time
• A perfect blend of pure sex with sensual pleasure
• An experience of dual love- Eros and Phileo
• Power of transforming time actual into time psychological to produce élan vital or vital impulse
• Personal care
• Unforgettable girlfriend and wife experience
• Power of creative lovemaking and erotic pampering
• Long sex life
• Mental and physical and mental satisfaction
This is why many people are highly interested in knowing more about the Mumbai escort girls and enjoying with them full heartedly. Many people who come to Mumbai from India and aboard like to enjoy with the independent escorts in Mumbai. If you come to this city for any reason, take a chance of experiencing this. You must have a lifetime experience.

The Impact of Mumbai Escort Service on Indian Economy and Society

As the study reports have come from different sources that a healthy amount of country’s income comes from Mumbai escorts. It plays a significant role to make Indian economy strong. The amount is so high that it brings about some changes in per capital income.

Besides, escorts in Mumbai keep the society healthy and fit. In this article, we shall discuss in socio-economic perspective.

Influence of Mumbai escort service on Indian economy

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. A vast majority of people how come here round the year are high profile persons. Besides, there are businessmen, industrialists, dignified professionals, VIPs and VVIPs. They have enough money to spend for their entertainment. As there many foreigners coming here for their business and other purposes, they spend high amount money to have quality service and cutting-edge solutions for their needs in Mumbai. Mumbai escort service is one of these.  Having high purchasing power and enough foreign money in their hand, they can spend it for their entertainment purposes like enjoying quality times with the Mumbai escort girls. This helps the Mumbai escorts earn a high amount of foreign money that automatically get added to the Indian economy and make its backbone strong.

Influence of Mumbai escort service on the society

Mumbai escorts play a significant role to keep our society healthy, balanced and fit. Many beloved-lover relations and husband-wife relations long last as the influence of Mumbai escorts. To be more precise, no husband-wife relation can last long until there is a mutual understanding which needs both mental and physical satisfaction. If any of these relations lack any of these two preconditions (mental and physical satisfaction), it breaks down automatically. However, if a relation receives external source to meet it, the husband-wife relation lasts long. Mumbai escort service fulfills this purpose exactly. Many unsatisfied husbands meet escort girls to receive physical satisfaction. Thus, a person gets mental satisfaction from his wife and physical satisfaction from Mumbai escorts. This helps people avoid taking any fatal decision like homicides, suicides and other crimes.

Moreover, it helps society stay balanced. As the doctors and psychologists say, physical copulation reduces anger, wrath, gluttony, cruelty and other arrogant factors from human beings. As the psychoanalysts say Eros or erotic pleasure has the power to pave the path of agape, escort service can create a very good healthy living environment. More precisely, it can evoke the feeling of universal love and later a love for God and subsequently a touch of divinity in you. Sexual pleasure helps people pump out bad qualities in men like anger, wrath, gluttony, cruelty and other arrogant factors. You become a complete man, shunning your bad qualities. A feeling of love, passion, sympathy, and kindness grows in your mind.  It can make you productive, creative and innovative.

Thus, Mumbai escorts make many productive, creative and innovative persons to enrich the society. These balanced, sympathetic and complete men become very good agents to make a healthy society for a healthy living.

Therefore, from the socio-economic perspective, we can say that Mumbai escort has a very good value in India.

The Merits and Demerits of Offering Escort Service through Mumbai Escort Agencies 

With the relevancy and increasing demand for escort service in Mumbai, many escort agencies have been set up. These Mumbai escort agencies work as the contact points between the service providers and service seekers. To be more precise, these entities stay like a hyphen the two parties.  Mumbai escorts get their names enlisted with these agencies in order to receive clients and use their reputation for their marketing purposes. They are to pay the agencies for each contact. A few of these allow the Mumbai escort girls to work on a commission basis. In this article, we shall discuss on both merits and demerits of offering Mumbai escort service through Mumbai escort agencies. The discussion would be from a Mumbai escort perspective.

Merits of Mumbai escorts 

If you are an escort in Mumbai and get started with a Mumbai escort agency, you would enjoy the following facilities.

Save time

You need not spend much time to get contacts. It saves your time to concentrate more on core companies. You can offer service secretly as nobody can know your whereabouts. Mumbai escort agencies take full responsibilities of contacting the service seekers, setting a date according to your convenient time and finally guiding both you and your men to the predefined destination.

Save marketing cost         

As you get flawless contacts and positive clients on behalf of the agencies, you need not spend for marketing your service. You need not get a website and start digital marketing to reach your target market and targeted customers. Moreover, you do not need to contact any adverting agency or marketing organization to spend some money in order to popularize your service.

Less responsibility

As it is not a direct dealing rather dealing through an escort agency, you do not need to take much responsibility. When you get a client through an escort agency, the identity of the agency becomes more important than your personal detail. Here the reputation of an escort agency gets more value than the recognition of a Mumbai escort. You don’t have a headache when you have a contract for a certain period of time.

Demerits of Mumbai escorts 

Less payment

As it is an indirect dealing and you receive a client through a Mumbai escort agency, you get less payment offered the agency. Sometimes, you need to work on a commission basis. In that case, your income becomes less and you don’t get any information about the contracted amount. Even a few Mumbai escort agencies hire you on a contract basis for a certain period of time. Here you get only the contracted amount not more than that. Here you are liable to offer services sent to you by your agency.

Lose identity

When you offer services through your contracted agencies, you gradually lose your identity as an escort in Mumbai. In the case of specialized and satisfactory Mumbai escort services, the credit goes to the agency not the Mumbai escort. It helps the agency get more clients and make more money, using the benefits of your service.

Mumbai Escort Service in the Post Era of Globalization and Liberalization

Mumbai escort has come a long way since the time when it sprouted in the soil of the gateway of India. The journey was not very smooth. There were many ups and downs in the initial stage as it was compatible with Indian conservative culture. There was a pedantic cry from the religious maniac to save nation and society from it. In course of time, the situation has changed. Coming contact to the Portuguese, French and English culture, some significant changes came in thought and taste of the Indians. The rigid culture and inflexible social structure got loosen a bit. They discerned the usefulness adapt some foreign cultures. They understood the necessity and many benefits of escort service. How it can keep the society healthy and progressive. As the consequence of it, escort service was accepted and granted as a service to keep the society and balanced. Immediately after it, many escort girls started offering escort service from the major Indian cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, etc. Very soon Mumbai escorts started predominating over the others.

Mumbai escort service after the successful implementation if globalization, privatization and liberalization

Some notable changes have come in Mumbai escort service in the post era of globalization, privatization and liberalization. The service has become more open and spread. In Mumbai, now it is taken as one of the basic needs of human being. As the consequence of it, many independent Mumbai escorts and Mumbai escort agencies have started marketing for offering this service. A vast majority of them have got their websites built to reach their target market and targeted customers.

Changes in Mumbai escorts

Keeping pace with the go of the day, escort girls in Mumbai have made them perfect and up to the mark. Almost all independent escorts in Mumbai have trained them well how to use many advanced electronic gadgets and state-of-the art services to communicate and get in touch with their clients. They have brought changes in their services to give it an

international standard and make it more easy to use for the Mumbai escort service seekers. They have designed their services to meet the almost all modern and classical needs.

Mumbai escorts are highly popular in India and abroad

Mumbai escorts have created a significant niche for them for not only in India and but also outside of India for their topnotch quality services, beautiful looks, curvaceous athletic figures, unimaginable sex appeal, creative lovemaking, and erotic pampering. A notable number of Mumbai escorts are blessed with lustrous eyes, attractive bust lines, swelling boobs and charming appearances. This is why many businessmen, professionals, travellers, and industrialists try to take a chance of experiencing the real mirth of This is why many businessmen, professionals, travellers, and industrialists try to take a chance of experiencing the real mirth of Mumbai escort service. Therefore, Mumbai escorts are always high in demand. Keeping pace with the increasing demands, many college girls, working women, Mumbai models, TV serial actresses and Bollywood actresses have involved them in this profession. Many of them are comfortable with both incall and outcall services. Therefore, you are sure to have an unforgivable experience.

Shared Story and Firsthand Experience about Mumbai Escorts

It was a rainy afternoon of June. I sat on a chair, leaning against the pillar stood before the coffee shop. Suddenly I found I beautiful looking girls dressed in blue got down from a white car and came close to a staircase just beside the pillar. She pulled her mobile out from the tight jeans and made a call. Immediately after it, a security guard opened the door and lady went inside. I was really surprised with her short transparent dress. I could not help asking the nearest man about the lady. The man only chuckled and mildly said, “I hope you are new in this city. You don’t know much about this type of girls. They are independent Mumbai escort”. Out of curiosity, I requested him to tell me more about independent girls. I am going to share with you what I have learned from him. He continued like thus.

There are many girls (belonging to different classes, industries and professions) offing Mumbai escort services to fulfill their diverse needs and purposes.

Given below are these

Earn livelihood

For many Mumbai escort girls, this is their bread and butter. They offer this service in order to earn their livelihood. Many of them are attached to Mumbai escort agencies to get customer and on a regular basis. They pay commission to their agencies for sending customers.

Gratify sensual hunger 

There are many women working at various offices especially in the industries and sectors like IT, finance, electric, etc. Although some of them hold dignified positions, they offer Mumbai escort service to gratify their sexual hunger and spend their leisure interestingly. They like to meet young handsome and enjoy with them. They take it as an interesting game to fulfill their libidinal desire. Therefore, their reaction and the involvement in the game become original, spontaneous and interesting.

Have some extra income

Needless to say, even there are some working women and daughters of rich businessmen offer Mumbai escort service to have some extra income to spend more lavishly to enjoy with their groups and friends. Their main objective is to get VVIPs and earn a lucrative amount from them by offering them the most satisfactory services.

Market their popularity

There are many model girls, television and serial actress to offer this service in order to earn popularity and earn various facilities from the high profile VVIPs. These ladies have limited access. To be more precise, the Mumbai escorts are not open to all.

After that, the men stopped. His information created an interest in me about the independent escorts in Mumbai. It made me search on the internet about them. Very soon, I come across an escort girl. She started chatting with me and gave me a date to spend with her. She was a beautiful, tall and fair-complexioned Sikh girl blessed with beautiful eyes, attractive bust-line and curvy figure. The experience was really untreatable. I experienced an ecstatic pleasure hidden in physical copulation. I will never ever forget it. The whole night came to me as full of dream and delight.